Nutella Choco Crepe Cake Recipe

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Nutella Choco Crepe Cake Recipe

In Cooking Tree, we’re serving up delicious Nutella Choco Crepe Cake, and we’ll show you how to make it from scratch.

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Nutella Choco Crepe Cake


2 people




55 minutes



– 4 Eggs – 30g Sugar – a pinch of Salt – 185g Cake flour – 15g Cocoa powder – 500g Milk – 50g Nutella – 70g Melted unsalted butter – 400g Whipping cream – 40g Cocoa powder – 150g Nutella – Choco sponge cake sheet – Hazelnut


1. After mixing eggs, sugar and salt, sift the soft flour and cocoa powder and mix. 2. Add a little milk and Nutella and mix. Divide the remaining milk in 2 batches and mix, then add the melted unsalted butter and mix. 3. Sift through a sieve, leave at room temperature for about 30 minutes, then pour the dough into a pan heated over low heat and spread it thinly. When bubbles rise, turn over and bake a little more and cool.


4. While whipping fresh cream, sieve cocoa powder and whip, then add Nutella and whip. 5. Place a chocolate sponge cake sheet on a rotating plate, apply a thin layer of cream, and then stack crepes repeatedly. 6. Apply a little cream on the top and decorate with a pattern, then top with cream and sprinkle with hazelnuts to finish.