New York Cheesecake Recipe

New York Cheesecake is one of the delicious recipes, Cooking tree will show you how to prepare this recipe step by step

– 80g Crushed digestive cookies – 40g Melted unsalted butter – 350g Cream cheese – 100g Sugar – 1g Salt – 160g Sour cream – 15g Lemon juice – 120g Egg – 25g Corn starch – 110g Heavy cream


1. Add melted unsalted butter to crushed Daije cookies, mix, place on the bottom of a 16cm mold lined with Teflon sheets, press firmly, and place in the refrigerator.

2. Soften the cream cheese, add sugar and salt, mix, add sour cream and lemon juice, mix, add eggs, and mix.

3. Add cornstarch, mix, add whipped cream, mix, pour into a mold, place on a pan of hot water, and bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 60 minutes.

4. After cooling in the oven, take it out to room temperature and cool it in the refrigerator.