Green tea Tiramisu tart (Matcha tart)

Green tea Tiramisu tart (Matcha tart)

In Cooking Tree, Green tea Tiramisu tart (Matcha tart) is on the menu, and we’ll show you how to make it from scratch.

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Green tea Tiramisu  tart  (Matcha tart)

2 people




55 Min

55 Min




– 45g White chocolate – 15g Fresh cream – 10cm chocolate tart sheet – 90g Plain flour – 10g Cocoa powder – 15g Almond Powder – 1g Salt – 65g Cold Butter – 30g Cold water – 75g whipped cream (+15g sugar) – 100g Cream cheese – 1ts Green tea powder + 20ml Fresh cream mixture – Green tea syrup (30g sugar syrup + 1/2ts green tea powder) – 10cm chocolate sponge sheet (1 sheet) – Green tea powder – white chocolate


1. Put white chocolate and whipped cream in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds to completely melt. 2. Pour the white chocolate ganache over the baked tart sheet and harden in the refrigerator. 3. Add cream cheese to whipped cream with sugar and mix, then add green tea powder + whipped cream and whip. 4. Apply cream on the hardened white chocolate ganache, place a chocolate sponge cake sheet, and apply green tea syrup. 5. Put the cream in a circle, make a pattern, and sprinkle green tea powder. 6. Garnish with white chocolate.