Turkish delight Recipe

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Turkish delight Recipe

I made Turkish Delight, a dessert you must try before you die! It is a Turkish snack made with cornstarch and sugar as the main ingredients, and it is the same jelly that Edmund ate in The Chronicles of Narnia.


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Turkish delight Recipe




40 Min

14 Min



– 80g Cranberry juice – 14g Gelatin – 60g Corn starch – 80g Water – 400g Sugar – 240ml Water – 2Ts Corn syrup – 2ts Vanilla Extract – Red food coloring – Sugar powder


1. Put cranberry juice and powdered gelatin in a bowl and soak the gelatin. 2. In another bowl, mix cornstarch and water (80g). 3. Put sugar, water, and oligosaccharide in a pot and boil it until it reaches 115 degrees, then add starch water and boil over medium heat until thickened. 4. Add soaked gelatin and vanilla extract and mix, then add red food coloring and mix. 5. Put in a mold and harden at room temperature for at least 5 hours. (If you grease the mold, coat it with starch and harden it, it will come off better~^^) 6. Sprinkle sugar powder on a cutting board, put hardened jelly on it, and cut it into cubes while applying powdered sugar.