Pikachu Banana cream Tart Recipe

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Pikachu Banana cream Tart Recipe

Cooking Tree is serving you a delectable recipe for Pikachu Banana cream Tart, and we’ll show you how to prepare it from scratch.


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Pikachu Banana cream Tart Recipe

6 Pies



40 Min

00 Min



– 80g Digestive cookie – 40g Melted butter – 50g Banana – 10g Sugar – 1/2ts Vanilla extract – 2g Leaf gelatine – 35g Whipped cream – 60g Melted white chocolate – Yellow food coloring – Banana extract – Choco pen (white, dark, yellow, pink) – Sugar Art Pen


1. Put Daize cookies in a ziplock bag and crush them using a rolling pin. 2. Put the daisy and melted butter in a bowl and mix. 3. Put it in a buttered muffin tin and press firmly to shape it. 4. Put the banana in a bowl and mash it. 5. Add sugar and vanilla extract and mix, then add melted gelatin and mix. 6. Add whipped cream, mix, put in a mold, and harden in the refrigerator. 7. Make eyes, mouth, cheeks, and ears using a chocolate pen and harden at room temperature. 8. Add yellow food coloring and banana juice coloring to melted white chocolate and mix. ...

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