Mango Crepe Cake Recipe

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Mango Crepe Cake Recipe

Mango Crepe Cake is on the menu in Cooking Tree, and we are going to teach you how to make this delicious recipe from scratch!

Mango Crepe Cake





70 Min

02 Min




– 4 Eggs – 40g Sugar – 1g Salt – 3g Vanilla extract – 200g Cake flour – 500g Milk – 70g Melted unsalted butter


– 450g Unsalted butter – 180g Powdered sugar – 180g Cream cheese – 3g Vanilla extract – 90g Heavy cream – 170g Mango puree – 160g Mango puree – 2g Gelatin


1. Beat eggs, add sugar and salt vanilla extract, and mix. 2. Sift the flour through a sieve, add a little milk, and mix, then add all the remaining milk and mix. 3. Add melted butter, mix, filter through a sieve, and rest for 1 hour. 4. Put the crepe dough in a frying pan (18cm), bake over low heat, and cool. 5. Whip the softened butter at room temperature, sieve sugar powder, mix with a spatula, and whip thoroughly.


6. Add cream cheese and vanilla extract and whip, add fresh cream, and whip well. 7. Add mango puree and whip to complete the cream. 8. Spread the cream on the crepe, stack 4 sheets, and put the mango in the middle. 9. After repeating the work, smooth the sides and top and squeeze the cream on the edges. 10. Add melted gelatin to mango puree, mix, place on the cake and harden in the refrigerator.



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