Lemon cheesecake Recipe

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Lemon cheesecake Recipe

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Lemon cheesecake






130 minutes



– 100g Butter biscuit – 45g Melted unsalted butter – 1/3 Lemon – 15g Sugar – 300g Cream cheese – 80g Sugar – 10g Plain flour – 80g Plain Yogurt – 15g Lemon juice – 2g Vanilla extract – 2 Eggs – 50g Water


– 40g Lemon juice – 30g Sugar – 12g Corn starch – 10g Unsalted butter – Lemon zest – 12g Egg yolk Whipped cream: – 50g whipping cream – 5g sugar – Lemon peel


1. Mix the crushed butter biscuit and melted unsalted butter, press it firmly on the floor, and put it in the refrigerator. 2. Put lemon and sugar in a pot and boil. 3. Loosen cream cheese gently, add sugar and mix, then add wheat flour and mix. 4. Add plain yogurt, lemon juice, and vanilla extract and mix, then add eggs and mix. 5. Add boiled lemon, mix, pour the dough into the mold, place on a pan of hot water, bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 60 minutes, cool at room temperature, and then cool in the refrigerator.


6. Slightly melt the outer surface with a steam towel and remove it from the mold. 7. Mix water, lemon juice, sugar, and cornstarch in a saucepan and heat until thickened, then add unsalted butter and lemon zest and mix. Add egg yolk and mix. 8. Soften the cooled lemon curd, add to the whipped cream, mix, and place on top of the cheesecake. 9. Garnish with lemon peel and powdered sugar.