Flower buttercream choco cake Recipe


– 155g Egg – 110g Sugar – 11g Corn syrup – 3g Vanilla extract – 94g Cake flour – 11g Cocoa powder – 28g Melted unsalted butter – 45g Milk – 200g Unsalted butter – 265g Powdered sugar – 25g Whipping cream – 7g Vanilla extract – Red food coloring

1. Put the egg, sugar, and starch syrup in a pot of hot water and stir to raise the temperature to 40 degrees, then remove from the pot. 2. Add vanilla extract and whip with a hand mixer until rich ivory-colored foam is formed. 3. Sift the soft flour and cocoa powder and mix, then add a little of the melted butter and milk (50-60 degrees) and mix. 4. Put the mixed dough into the main dough, mix, pour into a 15cm oven pan, remove air bubbles, and bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 40 minutes. After cooling, cut off the top and cut into 4 pieces. 5. Soften unsalted butter, add sugar powder, and whip. 6. Add fresh cream and vanilla extract and whip until it becomes soft creamy, add red food coloring and whip, and prepare three pink tones of cream in a piping bag. 7. Print the sheet with a 12cm flower-shaped mousse, squeeze the cream by color on the sheet, and stack repeatedly.