Chocolate Ganache Cake Recipe

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Chocolate Ganache Cake Recipe

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Chocolate Ganache Cake Recipe





55 Min

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Ganache cream – 160g Couverture Chocolate – 80g Fresh cream – 18cm chocolate sponge cake sheet 3 sheets – 300g Whipped cream (+25g Sugar) Ganache Glaze – 100g Couverture Chocolate – 50g Fresh cream – 10g Corn syrup Decoration – Kit Kat – Hershey Chocolate – Chocolate


1. Put chocolate and whipped cream in a cup, microwave for about 1 minute, mix and cool until the chocolate is completely melted. 2. Put the sheet on the rotating plate, squeeze the whipped cream at intervals, and fill in the ganache cream between them. Repeat one more time. 3. Place the last sheet and icing the top and sides with whipped cream and harden in the refrigerator for 2 hours. 4. Put chocolate and whipped cream in a cup, microwave for about 40 seconds, mix, then add starch syrup and mix smoothly. 5. Pour it over the cake and pour it lightly to the side. 6. Decorate with Hershey's chocolate, Kit Kat, and minced chocolate.