Checkerboard Chocolate Cake Recipe

In Cooking Tree, we’re serving up delicious Checkerboard Chocolate Cake, and we’ll show you how to make it from scratch.

1. Place a bowl of eggs on a pot of hot water, add sugar, honey, and vanilla extract, and stir until the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

2. Whip with a hand mixer until it becomes a rich ivory-colored foam, then sift the soft flour and cocoa powder and mix.

3. Pour a little of the dough into the bowl of melted unsalted butter and milk (temperature 50-60 degrees), mix, put in the main dough, mix, pour into an 18cm mold, and clear the air bubbles.

4. Bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for about 30 minutes, cool, cut the top and bottom, and cut into 2 pieces. Prepare the vanilla sheet by baking and cutting it in the same way.

5. Cut the sheets into 15cm, 11.5cm, and 6cm, and assemble the two sheets by swapping them.

6. Melt the dark couverture chocolate, fresh cream, and unsalted butter in the microwave for about 1 minute. Sift the cocoa powder, mix, and cool to about 27 degrees.

7. Whip the cold whipped cream and when bubbles start to rise, pour in the chocolate mixture little by little and whip it to make the cream.

8. Place 1 sheet on the rotating plate, sprinkle with sugar syrup, apply cream, and put another sheet on top.

9. Repeat and apply the cream to the sides and top, and harden in the refrigerator.