Carrot cake Recipe

Carrot cake Recipe

Carrot cake Recipe

In Cooking Tree, we’re serving up delicious Carrot cake, and we’ll show you how to make it from scratch.

Carrot cake Recipe


2 people




66 minutes



– 3 Egg – 70g Black sugar – 55g Olive oil – 115g Cake flour – 5g Baking powder – 5g Cinnamon powder – 90g Shredded carrot – 35g Chopped almond or walnut – 125g Cream cheese – 25g Sugar powder – 50g Butter – Orange food coloring – Rosemary


1. Beat eggs in a bowl, then add brown sugar and mix. 2. Pour in the olive oil little by little and mix.

3. Sift in the soft flour, baking powder and cinnamon powder and mix. 4. Add the shredded carrots and chopped almonds and mix.

5. Pan in an oven pan, bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 25~30 minutes, then cool. 6. Put cream cheese in a bowl and loosen it gently, then add powdered sugar and mix.

7. Add butter and mix, then put 1/3 into a piping bag. 8. Add orange food coloring to the remaining cream to make carrot-colored cream.

9. Cut the cooled cake into carrot shapes and apply orange cream. 10. Garnish with white cream and rosemary.